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The Breakdown: The Cost of Filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Cost of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing can be broken down into four categories:

  1. Attorney Fees

  2. Pre-Filing Course Fees

  3. Court Filing Fees

  4. Post-Filing Course Fees

During a Free Consultation, our office will review these fees with you in great detail. Whether the consultation is over the phone or in person, we will quote you a flat fee to file your case.

Attorney Fees

When a person calls a bankruptcy attorney’s office, the first thing they want to know are the fees associated with filing their case. Paying the fees can feel as daunting as filing the case itself. Attorney fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can range from $800.00 to $2,500.00. The fee is based on a number of factors that we review with you: Amount of unsecured debt, amount of assets you own, and whether or not there are any legal issues to address prior to the filing of your case. Every case is different, but the fees are usually on a flat-fee basis. Attorney fees must be paid in full prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case to avoid any conflicts.

Pre-Filing Course (Credit Counseling Course)

Prior to filing your case, you are required to complete a Credit Counseling Course. A list of approved courses are available through the Department of Justice website. Credit Counseling Course can be completed in person, over the phone, or online. The fees can range from $15-$45 depending on the company used. Usually individuals are able to complete the Credit Counseling Course online in 1-2 hours. Our office provides you will all the information you’ll need to successfully complete the course. Once the course is completed, a certificate of completion is issued. You must send this certificate to our office. Your case cannot be filed without the certificate of completion of the credit counseling course.

Court Filing Fee

This fee is pretty straight forward. The Chapter 7 filing with the court is $335. The bankruptcy court requires these fees to be paid prior to filing. These fee are paid electronically by our office at the time of filing.

Post-Filing Course Fee (Personal Financial Management Instructional Course)

The Personal Financial Management Instructional Course, or the Post-filing course, must be completed prior to the discharge of your case. In fact, your case will close without a discharge being entered if the course is not completed. The fees for this course can range from $10-$40. In most cases, the company that you used for your Pre-filing certificate will also be able to provide you with the Post-filing course/certificate. Your debt will not be forgiven if this course is not completed and the certificate is not filed with the court.

You always want to get a breakdown of what the attorney fees entail. Just call our office to go over your options AND the fees involved. If bankruptcy is not right for you, will let you right away. Our goal is to inform the public of the bankruptcy process. There is no added pressure from our office for you to file.

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