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Declaring Bankruptcy

Declaring Bankruptcy

Hearing the term “bankruptcy” can be a bit unsettling.  It is natural to feel uneasy about the process especially if you don’t know what to expect from the bankruptcy process.  Most people assume that filing for bankruptcy means that you have to give everything up and start from scratch. Well, that isn’t entirely true.  I would welcome you to call our office to start the discussion about what a bankruptcy filing is and how it can positively impact you.

Bankruptcy is the legal process of eliminating your debt and gives you the opportunity to get a fresh start.  In fact, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as the “fresh-start” bankruptcy. Filing a Chapter 7 allows a person to erase their debt and take the step towards building a new financial future.  We like to think of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy as the “reset button” for your finances. Once the discharge is entered, you will be a better position than when you started.

Life After Bankruptcy?

Making the decision to file a bankruptcy might be easy for some, but everyone is always thinking about what comes after the case is done.   A standard Chapter 7 bankruptcy case takes about four months. A bankruptcy filing will impact your short term credit score, but it will help your long term credit. This means that current and past-due debt will no longer weigh down your score and you will be a strong position to rebuild again.  

We work with our clients to make the bankruptcy filing process as easy as we can. During a free consultation, we review not only how we can protect you prior to you filing, but also how you can prepare for your financial future.  Our commitment here at Bouldoukian Law Firm is to take care of the people behind the debt. You are more than just numbers to us, and we want you to get fresh start you are looking for. Contact us for a Free Consultation.