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Terminology Tuesdays

Terminology Tuesday


Welcome to the archive!

Welcome to the Terminology Tuesday archive! What is Terminology Tuesday? Well, every Tuesday we will be unpacking and defining key terms relating to bankruptcy law and the bankruptcy code. You can view these short-form videos on our IGTV and Facebook page. These videos are designed to help you understand the bankruptcy process a little better. Forget about Netflix, here you can stream all the great Terminology Tuesday videos!


TT - Key Players

There are four main players in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case: 1) The Debtor, 2) The Creditors, 3) The Trustee, and 4) The Judge.

tt - Code book

Our very first Terminology Tuesday! We are starting off with the term "Code Book." Everything in bankruptcy law is dictated on the United States Bankruptcy Code and Rules Booklet. Don't worry, I am not going to read the whole thing to you. I just want you all to be informed about how bankruptcy protection really works!

TT - Credit Counseling Course

This pre-filing course needs to be completed before your bankruptcy petition is filed. A certificate is issued at the end of the course. You need to file that certificate with your bankruptcy petition and schedule.

TT - What is an Assets?

An Asset is basically anything that you own that you can sell for money. It's your stuff; Everything from your house to your collection of Beanie Babies. Even your right to sue someone can be considered an asset. It's any property that is regarded to have value.